New Update and STEAM version official launch

[Announcement] Heroes of Arzar update and STEAM version official launch
From Tomorrow 8/16 10:00-16:00(GMT+8)

We will be maintaining the server and updating the new patch as well as releasing the STEAM version.

During maintenance, players will be unable to login and play.

【Patch number】
iOS App Store - 1.0.16
Android Google Play - 1.0.16

※This patch would require players to enter store and could be updated from 2018/08/16 10:00AM, due to time zones every area may experience different update schedules, we apologize in advance.

※STEAM Version Can't login with facebook, We are going to fix it.

New updates of Heroes of Arzar :
-STEAM version released
-Widen the attack range of Gungnir
-Haam's Poison Arrow buffed
-Kate's Batter Ram buffed
-Rockenson's Duplicate buffed
-Zorhoara's skills buffed
-Warvu's Cursed Claws buffed
-Bella's Skill changed
-Tina's backhand shot nerfed
-Goldsmith's Aule's spirit buffed
-Items Rivers of Mana and Pages of the Nightlegends cost adjusted
-Increased the values of Armor, Magic Res., Armor Pen. and Magic Pen.
-Increased status for Rockenson, Thanotos, Gen. Guan, Sark, Chucklet, Goldsmith, Layna, Kate, Zorhora, Neal, Gungnir, Pamela, Watt
-Increased Tank and Slayer heroes Health Reg.
-Turret Stats adjusted
-Increased gold gain from killing minions
-Decreased the Leviathan's Health and defense
-Buffed Super minion's Stats
-Added new Spells- Stealthy, Transposition and Blindness
-Added new Heroes-Andre and Noam
-Added new Items- Cataphract Knuckels, Steel core, Tough Guy, Tough Girl
-Added new runes- Home-Revival, Bunny-Frost, Souls of the Dead Ooze, Potential
-Fixed iPhone X's display error