Heroes of Arzar official launch, June 6, 2018

USERJOY's New Strategy board game title Heroes of Arzar is released today (June 6, 2018) on both iOS and Android platforms. 

All around the world may enjoy in the land of Arzar.

Experience a game that you have never experienced before and together you and your companions shall gain the title of "Master!"

Select your Hero and forge your own set of Weapons and Runes with all types of items we have in store. Defeat your opponents with your wit, your will and with the varied types of playstyles and strategies!

Choose from the elites of Arzar, with more than 20 Heroes available for DreamWalkers to summon! With the diverse types of runes, items, and spell combinations each DreamWalker is able to create his/her own exclusive Hero to face the flames of the raging battles in Arzar.